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Chapter 2

In which we now look at how Ariana is doing. After she hit her head in the prologue, she was taken into a children's care center in Peanutville. Suffering from amnesia, she doesn't remember anything, not even her name. The owners of the care center decided to name her Ally (short for Allyson). Now eighteen, everything she has known for the past nine years is about to change...

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Chapter 1!

Yes, it's finally up and ready for you to read and review! I know, it took a while, but it's here! The end is my favorite part, but you're gonna have to read to find out why! XD

Okay, if you didn't already know, this story is an adaptation of the Disney movie Anastasia. Here in this chapter is the part of the movie where all the peasants dance around and sing "Have you heard? There's a rumor in St. Petersburg!" Which by the way, I have found a way to worm that in here. :)

No dance routines though, sorry. ;)

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Well, here's the prologue

So on the author's note, I pretty much cover the biggies, but let me just say here that I think the story is easy to guess, but if it isn't, I'll give a few hints! Plus, at the end, there is a paragraph that is ALMOST EXACTLY like it is in the movie!

Enjoy! Can't say no more here...:)