Bridal Dreams

Roxxi beamed at her reflection in the mirror. She had always imagined this day as perfect and for now it was. Not a single problem could bring her down today.

Moolatte was behind her, doing her hair. Roxxi just wanted it simply done, so Latte was working on a low chignon. Finally, Latte lowered the black cobweb veil over Roxxi's eyes.

"You look to die for!" Latte gushed. And Roxxi did. She was wearing a burgandy ballgown with black trim. A simple black choker adorned her neck. Roxxi chose this to be her only jewelry, because it reminded her of the old ghost story where the husband had taken off his wife's choker only to have his wife's head fall off. And in a way, Roxxi had already lost her head to her fiancee'.

"I think we're almost ready," Lea announced. Her, Lola, Latte, and Typhoo were the bridesmaids. All four were beaming except for Typhoo, who was for once looking surly. But it wasn't because she opposed the wedding, she simply opposed the bridesmaid's dresses. The dresses were made out of black silk, a color Typhoo detested. The four of them were dressed completely identical save Latte, who had an arm bracelet, signifying that she was the maid of honor.

"No we're not!" Lola yelled. She ran over to Roxxi and pulled out a pair of fishnet tights. "You HAVE to wear these!" Roxxi grinned, this was the exact sort of thing Lola would want her to wear.

Typhoo walked over, looking a little more soft. She held a diamond garter. "That's mine, and I want it back," she told Roxxi.

Then out of nowhere, she rushed forward and glomped Roxxi. "I CAN'T BELIEVE YOU'RE GETTING MARRIED!" she squealed. "IT'S SO AMAZING!"

Roxxi felt a rush of pride towards her soon-to-be husband. He had seemed slightly harsh and cold to Typhoo at first, but Typhoo learned to see the wit and humor Roxxi saw in him.

Latte of course had approved of him from the very beginning, being the one to set them up. However, as Lea fixed a black rose to Roxxi's choker, Latte got on her soap box.

"Now Roxxi," she said firmly. "When you're on your honeymoon, if you care for my health and state of well being, please...please use some form of protection."

"Latte!" Roxxi shrieked, a blush creeping up her cheeks.

"I just don't want you to have a rapidly-growing, blood-sucking, rock-solid half vampire baby growing when you get back," Latte declared, fastening a midnight blue bat bobby pin in Roxxi's hair.

Roxxi glared at Moolatte, who seemed to get the hint. "All right, no more Twilight references." She smiled. "Come on, you need to get married."

The smile returned to Roxxi's face. She was really doing this!

All four bridesmaids, with Latte in the front, began to walk out of the Manor. Slightly nervous, Roxxi followed. Latte motioned to the conductor to begin the music. She winked at Roxxi, then began to walk down the flower-strewn aisle, preceded by Mowo, the flower girl. Typhoo, Lola, and Lea followed her.

Roxxi heard the bride's theme. Taking a deep breath, Roxxi began to waltz down the aisle. Everyone's head turned and people ooh'ed and aah'ed at her breathtaking ensemble. Roxxi saw Livi wiping her eyes. Annoyance, Nata, and Julieanna were patting her arm and smiling at Roxxi. The Residents were there too. Annoyance kept shifting her eyes toward Daiyori, who would gulp and shudder everytime she did this. Juliet was also in attendence, looking murderous. However, her glare did not affect Roxxi in the slightest.

Her eyes zeroed straight to the altar. He was there, flanked by Ruki, Tiku, Matsudai, and Weapon. Ace smiled sheepishly at Roxxi, who blushed. Keith grinned at Roxxi from behind the altar, looking very odd indeed wearing black preacher's robes and sporting orange, blue, and green hair.

Ace reached out his hand. Roxxi took it, fully aware of how much her own hand was sweating. He squeezed it reassurringly. Keith motioned for quiet and began.

"Dearly beloveds, we are gathered here today..." there was more but Roxxi wasn't paying attention. All she could focus on was the perfectness of her soon-to-be-husband's face.

Keith was ready for the pair of them to recite their vows. Both had asked to change "till death do us part" to "so long as ye both shall live." When they were done reciting, Roxxi's heart began beating so loud she was sure that everyone, especially Ace, could hear it.

Everyone was waiting for it. Livi and Annoyance were bobbing in their seats, Juliet was snarling, Latte was beaming, and the groomsmen were chanting "Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" Roxxi could tell that Keith was hyping it up. He opened his mouth and everyone rose a little in their seats.

"I now pronounce you husband and wife!" he declared. Everyone (except for Juliet) stood up and started cheering and clapping. Roxxi and Ace just grinned at each other.

"You may now kiss the bride!"

Ace advanced on Roxxi. His lips drew closer and closer, almost there and-


Keith snored loudly. Roxxi jerked awake. She looked around wildly, searching for the source of the sound. Keith snored again. Roxxi glared at him, then threw a pillow over his head, muffling the sound.

Dang that had been a good dream! Roxxi hated admitting that Ace was a prominent figure in many of her nightime fantasies. It was just so...Twilight-ish. Blech. Besides, Roxxi knew she wouldn't be able to stand the looks on Latte and Keith's faces if they knew about this. Roxxi sighed and tried to go back to sleep, wishing that her dream was real and knowing that it would never be.

Something glinting near the doorway mad Roxxi sit back up in bed. When she tried to focus on it, it was gone. Roxxi wasn't completely sure, and she wasn't planning on telling anyone if she was wrong, but she was almost positive that the strange glinting object had been a pair of fangs...