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Wendy-The Haunting in Connecticut

So this will be the page where I post un-Posse related fiction. Most will be in one-shot or short story form, because if it has numerous chapters I will probably put another page just for them. Of couse, I may change my mind about that, as I tend to do....

The Great Escape

Type: One-shot

Rating: PG

Chapters: 1

Genre: Friendship, Humor

Warnings: Faked pregnancy. Draw your own conclusions.


Summary: This is the story of how me and Typhoo met Ruki! Told from my perspective.

Bridal Dreams

Type: One-shot

Rating: G

Chapters: 1

Genre: Romance

Warnings: References to the island in Breaking Dawn. Don't worry, if you don't like Twilight, there is only one reference and it is a quick one. The main characters in this one-shot HATE Twilight.


Summary: A look into Roxxi and Ace's wedding day! Everybody go Awww!

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