The Posse!!!

If you don't already know, The Posse is MY batch of characters! I had been begged by Durithyll and Livi to make characters, so I finally have. The Posse is a group of friends very dear to my heart, listed below are bio's and character descriptions of them. We consist of Me (Moolatte), Typhoo, Lola, Ruki, Lea, Keith, and Roxxi.

See, origionally it was only the first five of us. We were failing to meet the standard pay for rent in our apartment, and were about to get kicked out. Then, one day, Lola found an ad for rent: the top flat of a two-story Manor, absolutely free! The owners happened to be Roxxi and Keith, sharing the bottom flat. Me and Roxxi made all the arrangements, then hurray! We all live in The Manor happily ever after!

Bio's and Descriptions

Moolatte (Me!)

That's me! I am the ringleader of The Posse, all the adventures (or misadventures) pretty much have my hand in them. No seriously, we have a lot of fun.I am the music lover of the group, my tastes ranging from the bright and catchy Paramore to the dark and mysterious Evanescence. I also am an avid reader, of many books especially mysteries, vampire stories, and good ol' classic lit. As you probably already know, I have the good fortune of owning a BEAUTIFUL yellow Porsche turbo (which gets The Posse around!)

Looks-wise, I'm seventeen, with dark brown hair, red highlights (oh yeah, I LOVE the color red), and blue eyes. My style differs with my mood, but I like eye-catching apparel.


HEY GUYS! I'M TYPHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo...I love, well, I love pretty much everything! I'm the hyper, loud, super-spaz of the group, as you can seeeeee... But if you really want to make me happy, anything sparkly will do! Which, is why I never go any where without my blinged-out razor! Seriously, I even put glitter paint on the numbers. Oh!!!! Something else I love! Or someone! I LOVE KEITH! KEITH KEITH KEITH KEITH KEITH KEITH KEITH!!!!!!! HE IS SOOOOOO GORGEOUS! I COULD RANT ALL DAY ABOUT HIM!!!!

But I won't, because Moolatte is only giving me SO much room...

Let's see...I'm seventeen, I have blonde hair, almost white, with so-light-blue-you-can-almost-see-right-through-them-eyes! I usually wear something shiny or sparkly, but I always wear my charm bracelet (IT HAS A HUUUUUUGE T ON IT!!!)


What's up? I'm Lola, one of the ONLY people in The Posse that has a mediocre of a brain. I guess you could say I'm the mom of the Posse. Moolatte is my best friend, me and her share a room! It took forever to decorate though, we couldn't decide what we wanted! We ended up compromising on a 40's and 50's style room, because she wanted it to be periodical, and I wanted it to be colorful! I loooove bright colors, especially all together in a rainbow! Alas, most clothing stores don't put enough colors on their clothes so I personalize everything I own. How? By tights. I have an astonishing collection of tights, over 100!

I too, am seventeen, with red hair and green eyes. I will always be wearing tights, no matter where I'm going or what I'm doing!


Yo! Wazzup? Ruki's my name, that's R-U-K-I. I'm actually not a human, I'm a lion cub.

See, I'm actually NOT supposed to be a lion CUB anymore, I should have outgrown that stage YEARS ago. I guess I'm the equivalent of fourteen in human years. The low-down is, when I was born scientists did an experiment on me. The fed me these weird yellow vitamins. So my physical description is a little weird. I'm a lion cub, but I'm as tall and wide as a regular lion (so I look like a she-lion, or is that lioness? whatever.). Yeah, it's a little confusing.

But I like food, especially steak, and games of all kinds! I have to be doing something during the day, so I have a good excuse for sleeping 12 hours!


Hello, I'm Lea, the shy, sweet one of the Posse. Like Ruki, I am an anthro in the form of a fox, a bright red one at that. I was rescued from the sewers by Lola, who is like a sister to me.

My likes? I like flowers very much, especially the ones that smell really really good. I have been dubbed by Moolatte a scentaholic, which is probably true. I have my own garden outside the manor, which is flourishing nicely. Unfortunately, I also like getting into things, such as a box full of packing peanuts, freshly laundered clothes, etc. It can get annoying, I'll admit. I love sweets too, me and Ruki have been known to take out a freshly made cake in under 30 seconds!


Hey I'm Roxxi, the AMAZING person who allowed the rest of the Posse to move in upstairs! Keith, my brother, was a little hesitant, you know with the whole Typhoo thing (which I think I'll let HIM explain to you), but it's been the greatest decision of our lives! You couldn't meet cooler people!

So I am a queen of darkness, it is my life ambition to become a vampire. Sorry fangirls, I'm not a Twilight shipper, I prefer the Blue Bloods series (the main character is goth-like me!) Yes, I am something of a goth, but not like attitude-wise. You know the lab girl Abby on NCIS? I'm more like her. I am skilled in martial arts, in shooting, in knife throwing, surveillance, technology, and spy skills. So trying to break into the manor? Not your best idea.

I have dark red hair with black highlights that are usually braided, brown eyes, and pale skin (we're getting there vamp-wise!). I wear a lot of violet, black, and red, and ADORE Hot Topic.


Word! I'm Keith, most definately the coolest person in the house. I have the most say in every matter, argument, or decision. Well, after Moo that is. She hates that name...

I love spy stuff! It is my dream to become a member of NCIS (in case you haven't noticed, me and Roxxi are ADDICTED to NCIS! Actually, Moo is too!) I want to take over from Tony, because he has a swagger that only I can achieve. Ruki tried and what an epic failure was THAT!

What do I dis-love? Loud, bubbly, blondes whose names have only one "t" in them. Meaning Typhoo, a girl who can't take her eyes off me to the point of sheer obsession. I could keep going, but I won't. I only have so much space...

I happen to love my style, which is weird, the good kind of weird. If my outfit matches in any way, I have to change it. Like Lola, I go for bright colors. My hair reflects this, as it is orange, green, and blue all at the same time!