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Me and Livi will keep you guys updated on a project we're working on: Operation Matchmaker! Okay, in case you guys don't already know, Livi's character Ace secretly likes my character Roxxi, and vice versa. It's up to me, Livi, Annoyance, Keith, and Typhoo to get these two together and save the world! Hooray!

One-shot's are up! Go go go! Read read read!

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Casey's house of everything that is AWESOME!!!!

Hey guys! Welcome to my website!

Ok, I am a HUGE music lover, especially for Evanescence and Within Temptation. I am also a huge Paramore fan (how did we get here? I used to know you so weeeeeell!) Sorry, fangirl moment. XD

I also write (see the Ariana page) and I love reading! Fanfiction is one of my favorite haunts (youtube and weebly are some of my others). I am a HUGE Twilight and Harry Potter fan ( and for all things Harry Potter and Twilight related, hosted by the amazing Andrew Sims of Mugglecast and Imprint). Sorry, I tend to do this alot, have you noticed?

What else? Oh yeah! I love movies! My favorite kind of movies comedy and romance, such as Moulin Rouge and Titanic, but I'm not partial to action and thriller as well. The only kind I don't like are movies that are all exploding people and buildings (i'm afraid of fire-shh!). I'm also big on anything Broadway-related, so if you have the theater in your heart, we will get along well!

Oh one more thing...

I'm obsessed with typhoo.

What is it, you might ask?

Ask my loving friends Durithyll and Livi, see if they can tell you the answer, BOTH of them.

Anyways, I invite you, dear visitor, to check out my site! Many good things await you if you do!
XOXOXO Moolatte